Customize with own logo


In the Group’s newly launched fiberglass mesh plant in Kál, a state of the art, high-tech German production line was installed – to guarantee a stable and consistent quality for its partners. The technology has all those automatic detection and compensation tools that ensure continuous operation and the detection of eventual errors during the manufacturing process.

Thanks to the advanced technological solutions, the technical properties of semi-finished and finished products can be controlled with high accuracy.

In addition to the advanced weaving technology, the fabric coating unit operated with high exactitude as well, which is responsible for the smooth coating and drying.

Monitoring of incoming material quality, machine recipes, air temperature and humidity is part of the production quality control which creates ground for immediate feedback in case of deviance.

The quality control of the semi-finished products takes place before confectioning and packaging.The raw fabric produced from fiberglass yarns is driven into the coating unit where the coating and drying are carried out.
1000 m jumbo roll is made from the finished mesh.If a colored mesh is required by the customer it can be achieved by coloring the coating material.

The products are stored in jumbo rolls and in line with the customer’s needs it can be customized with the partner logo and then confectioned and packed to 10 -50 m rolls. During the confectioning of the jumbo rolls, fiberglass stripes can be cut in 10-30 cm width.